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BBK Shipping

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It is suitable for all over-length, over-width and over-height commodity, it use 2 or more flat rack containers as bed. Such as engineering machinery, petrol equipment, mining equipment, truck and so on.


BBK Shipping(Break Bulk Shipping) From China To Worldwide.

BBK shipping is one of our company highlights business, that is combined number of flat containers into a pallet then put the commodities on it.Under normal circumstances, if the size of the goods is too large (width and height is more than 4M, the length is more than 12M) to block the hanging point, or the weight (container weight plus cargo weight is more than 50T ) beyond the pier gantry crane range is too dangerous, that we can choose BBK shipping. For the oversize and overweight commodities. There is two ways to transport such commodities, one is bulk shipping, another is break bulk shipping we mentioned above. Compare to bulk shipping. The ETD of BBK shipping is stable, the operation procedure is much more simple, the safety of commodities is higher, and the ocean freight is much more reasonable.


The specific operation process of BBK shipping is below fyi.
1.Putting the empty flat containers into the terminal
2.Waiting for the terminal to inform the delivery, the goods directly to the terminal crane below ( ship side),
3.After load all the general container on board, The crane lifts the empty flat containers to the pavement, and then lifts the goods to the big "pallets" paved
4.The docker will consolidate and fasten the commodity professionally.The goods are usually placed on the top of the deck below, the above can not be stacked any more containers.